Volunteer Corps

IDM Family



Over its 35 years of existence, IDM was fortunate to receive help, advice, support and practical assistance from various sources and personnel, at the grassroots and at Management and professional level. Many of these people still continue to give a helping hand when the need arises or on a continued basis.

Additionally, there are numerous professionals in various fields that assist in their particular field on a voluntary basis, whose names are not included here. All those people in fact could be said to be integral part of the broader Working and Management Committee of IDM.

thank you
Some of the more persistent volunteers include the following:
Br. Cassim Modise Durban
Muhammad Dada Durban
Khadija Essa Durban
Fatimah Dada Durban
Maryam Arbee Durban
Abdullah Dada Durban
Cassim Essa Durban
Mrs. Ayesha Agjee Durban
Mr. Mukhtar Dawood Durban
Mr. Hoosen Agjee Durban
Dr. Faizal Ahmad Durban
Mr. Salim Paruk Durban
Br. Abdul Khaliq Ghoor Brits
Dr. Akbar Ahmad Brits
Br. Anwar Ayub Pretoria
Ismail Mahomed Pretoria
Br. Abdullah Mohammed Port St. John
Saad Lil Talib Cape Town
Dr. Faizel Ismail Kinross
Dr. Rashid Noormuhammad Carolina
Dr. Ahmad Al Barra Al Amiri Saudi Arabia