Education And Training



For many years, IDM has been sponsoring scholarships for 50 to 100 primary and secondary school going students and facilitating scholarships for a handful of tertiary students... Read More
IDM provides for any one or more of the expenses of the students, namely, fees, transport allowance, stationery and uniforms. In many instances, IDM arranges and facilitates other organisations and individuals to help with the fees.

The beneficiaries are primarily from the historically disadvantaged communities and all come from the students attending IDM madressas. The most deserving students are being selected from all IDM Satellite centres across South Africa and are encouraged to be steadfast and focussed on their studies in order to get good and positive results at the end of the year.

Zayinab Mnguni who comes from the South Coast of Kwa Zulu Natal and a former student at Umzumbe Community Islamic Centre is one of them, she is currently doing her first year at Durban University of Technology.

IDM is inspired by the Quranic injunction to “Read in the name of your Lord…” (Quran 96:1) and by the prophetic statement to “study from the cradle to the grave”. We believe that education is a primary catalyst for the ummah to become the leaders of the world again, as it once did before, in the golden era of the Islamic Civilization.
Madressah classes take place daily in 13 centres as well as over weekends in several of these centres. Over 500 learners (children and adults) attend the Madressah classes daily... Read More
The learners are provided with stationery and daily meals. Examinations are conducted four times in the year. To culminate a year of hard work, IDM organises Annual Jalsas which is a highlight for the children. Learners are being taught several Islamic subjects including Fiqh, Akhlaaq, Sirah (Islamic history), Hifz, Quran recitation among other subjects.
Pre-schools are held at four (4) IDM Centres: Umzumbe, Niniva, Mariannhill and Isipofu Islamic Centres. A total of 80 learners attend classes daily at these centres... Read More
IDM has pledged a commitment towards its learners to provide a sound Islamic education from the cradle upwards, and which will assist them in becoming the future leaders of Islam in their communities, Insha Allah. Qualified educators who are recognised by the Department of basic education are selected for these Grade R classes at the abovementioned centres.
Adult Islamic Classes are held at the IDM centres. IDM’s objective is to provide basic Islamic knowledge to these new Muslims by encouraging them to attend these classes... Read More
A total of about 100 learners attended daily at all our centres, as well as the IDM head office.

This is one way of making sure that those who reclaimed their identity by returning to their roots of Islam, have a clearer and better understanding of the basic principles of Islam.
These skills development classes take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, at the Mariannhill Islamic Centre with an average of 25 students attending per class... Read More
The rate of illiteracy in South Africa is very high, especially amongst the previously disadvantaged communities in rural and semi-urban areas. This project is vital for the upliftment of individual aspirations.
The Duaat In-service Training programme is conducted once a month at the IDM Head office in Durban and is attended by our Kwa-Zulu Natal duaat ... Read More
At this forum, feedback from teachers and duat is communicated, as well as planning for any future projects, programmes and activities.

From time to time resource persons are invited and training is conducted to increase the capacity and confidence of the duat, thus enabling them to improve their Dawah strategies.

Due to the high demand for capacity building and skills development in this challenging world of dawah, IDM in conjunction with Al Kauthar (Deen Class) is conducting the Duaat / Imaam Development Course at its head office in Durban, facilitated by Sheikh. Bilal Ismail, a graduate from the University of Medina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Please do not hesitate to contact IDM if you wish to attend this course or any other programmes conducted by IDM.
The project is currently being held at the Mariannhill, Ninivah, Umzumbe and Isipofu Islamic Centres. The Duaat and ladies of the communities work together to cultivate ... Read More
nurture and produce fresh vegetables so that people could provide meals for their families or even sell the vegetables to generate income. The objective of this project is to empower individuals with gardening skills. Alhamdullillah, the project has lifted off and is progressing on a sound footing.

Apart from feeding the students and the ladies running the programme, some vegetables are sold to the community. In 2012 the gardeners were able to harvest more than expected. At one centre (Niniva Islamic Centre) the income earned from the selling, assisted the centre to buy some necessities.
The Adult Basic Education & Training Classes (ABET) are held at the Zilweleni Islamic Centre in conjunction with the Kwa Zulu Natal Department of Education... Read More
and is attended by 30 learners daily from Mondays to Thursdays. Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 are taught at the centre. This endeavour is a tremendous confidence booster and capacity building activity. The learners are really proud of themselves when they finally graduate at the end of the year. A graduation ceremony is held at the end of the year.
IDM conducts several Youth Tarbiyyah Camps annually with an average attendance of 50 to 100 students per camp... Read More
These camps are held over week-ends, and the programme inculcates a good mix of education, pleasure and enjoyment. These camps are enjoyed by the learners as they are able to socialize, perform their regular Salaat, play sports and have discussions in a relaxed Islamic atmosphere, Alhamdullillah.

The youth today are the future leaders of tomorrow; and the good leaders are the ones who are spiritually educated.
The Halaqa study groups enable the participants to reflect on important issues be it Islamic or general topics... Read More
The study groups are conducted at most IDM Centres once a week throughout the year and each lesson lasts about an hour with about 10 – 20 learners per class attending.

Learners and teachers have an opportunity to give their input and enjoy the debates, also giving them room to grow on a spiritual and intellectual level.
Scores of such evaluation visits are made by the IDM Duat Coordinators to all our satellite centres annually... Read More
The objective of these visits is to enable IDM to monitor and evaluate progress made in terms of the growing need for Dawah in the areas as well as to evaluate with regard to the state of the physical centre, the standard and quality of teaching, syllabus application and classroom techniques.
IDM participates in various flea markets and fairs annually.... Read More
Hundreds of free Qurans, calendars, booklets and leaflets are distributed to the public.
IDM conducts its Annual Madressa Exams at the following 11 IDM centres as well as a Primary School in Durban:.... Read More
(Average attendance in brackets)

1. Addington Primary School (25)
2. Mariannridge (10)
3. Mariannhill (30)
4. Umlazi (20)
5. Kwapata (40)
6. Umzumbe (25)
7. Isipofu (30)
8. Niniva (25)
9. Mngazana (10)
10. Extention 17 (40)
11. Maboloka (20)
12. Steadville (40)

Subjects include Arabic, Surahs, Tawheed, Aqeedah, Fiqh, Islamic History, Duas, Kalimahs, Hadith and Hifdh Quran. These examinations are conducted in November of each year, and overseen by the Ustadh and the IDM coordinator / inspector. The total attendance of children at all 12 venues is over 300. It is imperative that children have an opportunity to learn and grow spiritually as they are the future leaders of the Ummah, Insha Allah.
Over the years of its existence, IDM has been visited by a host of local and international guests, some of international status and fame.... Read More
, such as, Dr. Sheikh Ahmed Lemu of Nigeria, Professor Khurshid Ahmad of Pakistan & United Kingdom, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Saud of Egypt, Dr. Zakir Naik of India, Dr. Umer Chapra of Pakistan & Saudi Arabia, and many others.

Many of the guest speakers were on lecture tours throughout the country or Southern African region. During their visits, ideas as well as experiences were shared. Some of these guests had the opportunity to visit some of the IDM centres and participated in the programmes, Al Hamdullillah.
IDM conducts a “Train the Trainers” Course (TTC) annually at its head office in Durban. The programme is run during the winter school holidays (June – July)... Read More
It is usually a 5 day course and is attended by about 50 participants who are selected from all over South Africa.

The programme runs daily from 08:00hrs to 17:00hrs. Topics include Challenges facing Muslims Globally, Developing Self-discipline, Comparative Religion, Effective Communications, Stress Management, Challenges of Dawah, Muslim Contributions to Science, Leadership, HIV/Aids, Public Speaking, Classroom Technique and many more. The resource persons are professionals, experts and experienced personnel in their respective topics.

This course is designed to equip practicing educational and social service personnel with appropriate skills, knowledge and techniques in guidance, counselling, dawah outreach and community upliftment. The overall objective is to increase the capacity of the trainees (duaat, teachers, Imaams, social workers), which in turn will enhance the dawah work and service delivery.
The IDM in conjunction with Al Kauthar / Deenclass has presented its first Duat / Imaam Development Course ... Read More
aimed at those involved in the field of Dawah and Teaching, at the IDM head office in Durban.
IDM’s Dawah literature is highly effective in the Islamisation process in Southern Africa... Read More

All IDM literature is available on request or from the office, free of charge to individuals and organisations.

1. Qurans

The Quran in Arabic as well as in English and Afrikaans translation are distributed free of charge or optional voluntary donation. These may be posted to you for a nominal postage charge. Thousands are distributed annually.

2. Books

IDM Publications, and other books, are continuously being distributed to individuals and organisations, on an on-going basis, on request. Most of these books are in English; some in Zulu; and one each in Burundi and Oshiwambo (Namibian) languages.

Current topical titles available, include:

1. “Muhammad (s) in the Bible” by Dr. Jamal Badawi 2. “Jesus & Christianity from an Islamic Perspective” 3. “Prohibition of Interest” by Dr. Umer Chapra 4. “Teachings of Islam (Zulu Translation)” 5. “Towards Understanding Islam” by Moulana Maududi (Zulu Translation) 6. “Islam for Africa“ Africa for Islam” by Sheikh Ahmad Lemu 7. “Gender Equity in Islam“ Basic Principals” by Dr. Jamal Badawi 8. “Islam & Contemporary Economic Challenges” by Prof. Khurshid Ahmad 9. “Africa’s Islamic Heritage” by Dr. Suleman Dangor

3. Leaflets

* Thousands of leaflets of various titles on the different aspects of Islam are distributed throughout the country and the Southern African region, annually.

* Thousands of leaflets of various topics are distributed at regular intervals to Medical Practitioners in the greater Durban area, on request, for placement in their waiting rooms. This service is available to any professional and business houses, free of charge, from anywhere in the country.

Current topical titles include:

1. Muhammad (s) in the Bible (English)
2. Muhammad (s) in the Bible (Zulu)
3. Islam at a Glance (English)
4. Islam at a Glance (Zulu)
5. Muhammad Ali (English)
6. Malcolm X (English)
7. The Life of the Greatest Revolutionary, Muhammad (s) (English)
8. Muhammad (s): The Greatest Leader in the World (Zulu)

4. Services, Calendars and Desk Pads

1. 5, 000 Desk Pads are printed and distributed, annually.
2. 5, 000 Tent Fold Calendars are printed and distributed, annually.
3. 5, 000 Hijri Calendars are printed and distributed, annually.
4. 4, 000 Ramadaan timetables are printed & distributed, annually.