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Uganda Quraan

Ending 31 Oct, 2023
Uganda Quraan

Quran is the last scripture revealed by Allah (God Almighty). It is the only existing scripture that is intact in its original form and language. The Quran was revealed more than 1400 years ago in the original classical Arabic language. This book is an Omurunyankore translation of the Quran.

Currently the Muslim nation (Ummah) is undergoing a resurgence worldwide. There is a re-awakening of the Muslims globally to the true, pure and pristine values of Islam. In this gigantic movement, the Quran plays a central and fundamental role, as it is the primary source of Islam.

At present, Islam is the second largest world religion; The Quran, therefore, is the sacred Book of more than 1.9 billion adherents worldwide, corresponding to about 25% of the world population.

This translation of the Quran into the Omurunyankore language in Uganda therefore offers a good opportunity for Omurunyankore-speaking readers to acquire knowledge and understanding of the religion of Islam, its ideology and world view; and perhaps also understand and realize why so many people in the world, especially women, are embracing this newly found way of life, and converting to Islam.

This reading will open your eyes and endear to your heart


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