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Quraan Waqaf

Ending 31 Oct, 2023
Quraan Waqaf


Rationale for the Project

It is known that one of the best applications of Sadaqa Jaariah (everlasting reward) and Esaale Sawab donations (donations on behalf of a late beloved relative or friend) is a Quran (Mus`haf) Waqf.  The Scholars claim that for every sentence, line or even letter, (e.g., Alif, Laam, Meem) read by the recipient from that donated Quran, for years to come, besides the Knowledge gained (by reading the Quran in the appropriate translation), a portion of that reward will go to the sponsor or donor, that will count in the Hereafter, InshaAllah This is an immense motivation.

Furthermore, right now there is a need for thousands of Mus`hafs in various Southern African languages, already translated but lacking funds for printing.

The combination of the above two independent facts makes compelling, the need for appropriate action by those with the means and provision, as well as the foresight, for such actions.

B) Intervention

IDM has committed to an investment property, as an intervention and formed the Quran Waqf Project whose initial outlay will yield about 2000 Mus`hafs annually to address this vital need. This will be an investment, whose proceeds will be used for the printing and distribution of Mus'hafs (Qurans), in various African translations and will grow on an on-going bases with time, InshaAllah.

C) Financial Considerations

The financial and monetary details of the property, located in Durban, are:

Purchase Price:  R1, 650, 000

Gross Rental: R 17, 000 pm

R 204, 000 pa

12.4% gross returns on purchase price)

Expenses: R 2,500 pm

R 30, 000 pa

Nett Rental: R 14, 500 pm

174, 000 pa

 (* 10.6% Nett Returns on purchase price)

(* 85.3% return on gross rent)

Current Cost of one (1) Mushaf (Quran): R100-00.

This project will therefore provide over 1,700 Mushafs per annum right from the start.

However, as the Quran Waqf expands, this will therefore grow on an on-going basis, InshaAllah.

D)  Finance Acquisition Plan

We require 170 donors, with shares of R10, 000 each, to invest for the Aakhirah, to raise the R1, 700, 000, for the establishment of this Waqf.

Of course, there will be many who will be motivated to purchase 2 or more shares (of R10, 000 each), thus reducing the number of donors required to meet our target.

Purchases of one (or more) shares do have the option to divide their total contributions over 2, or more, monthly payments.

E) Quran Translations, Printing and Distribution By IDM

A major activity of IDM is the translation, as well as publishing and printing of Mus`haf (Qurans), and distributing these free of charge, as most of our people cannot afford them.

To date, IDM has the Quran translated into 8 major Southern African languages. This translates to over 150 million primary or mother tongue speakers, as well as millions more, of secondary speakers.

These 8 languages include:

Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Sotho, Chichewa, Yao, Portuguese and Runyankore (Uganda)

F)  Phenomenal Demand for Mus`haf

To date, IDM has distributed over 160, 000 Mus'hafs (Qurans), in the local Southern African translations, free of charge.

But there is a huge demand, for hundreds of thousands of Mus`hafs, in all the different translations, that needs to be met. This provides opportunities for potential sponsors and donors to earn Sadaqa Jaariah (everlasting reward) and Esaale Sawaab (for Marhooms), InshaAllah.

This demand is ever growing, due to high reversion rates, and due to the re-awakening of born Muslims.

For as long as the Quran is read by the recipient and his/her family, we expect and hope and pray that a portion of that Sawaab (reward/Ajr) will be passed on to the sponsor, Insha-Allah

G) Conclusion

Please let us all join forces and synergise with the IDM Quran Waqf Project. Lets kick start this project, and continue supporting it, so that it becomes a major force in the Islamisation Movement in this subcontinent.

One hundred and seventy shares (170) of R10, 000 each, are available, for your Akhirah Investment to commence this project.

Above all, it is commitment to education par excellence; a commitment to the spread of Islam, by making the primary source of Islam (Al Quran) available more freely and readily.

We sincerely feel very strong about the establishment of this Quran Waqf. We believe the Quran is the single most important factor in the revival of the Muslims and in dawah to the non-Muslims. And therefore, we also believe that it is tantamount to gross neglect not to make the Mus`hafs available to people who need to study Islam, but hold back for one reason or another even though we have the means to do so.

We look forward to your queries, questions, and above all, to your positive commitment towards this Dawah and Educational Waqf for the Ummah, par excellence


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