Madressah Classes

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IDM conducts Madressah classes daily at 13 of its centres, as well as over weekends at several of these centres. Over 500 learners attend these classes. The learners are provided with stationery and daily nutritious meals. For many of these children, who come from impoverished backgrounds, this often is the first meal of the day. Furthermore, the feeding is coupled with the process of learning.

At 5 centres (Mariannridge, Mariannhill, Maboloka, Embalenhle and Kwapata), meals are served after Jumua Salaah. These are also in historically disadvantaged areas. Food hampers are also provided to many families throughout the year, on a monthly basis.

Classes are held at the following Islamic Community Centres:

1. Niniva
2. Umlazi
3. Umzumbe
4. Marianhill
5. Mariannridge
6. Kwapata
7. Embalenhle
8. Extention 17
9. Mcwabantsasa
10. Maboloka
11. Steadville
12. Khayelitsha
13. Isipofu
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