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IDM’s Dawah literature is highly effective in the Islamisation process in Southern Africa. All IDM literature is available on request or from the office, free of charge to individuals and organisations.

1. Qurans

The Quran in Arabic as well as in English and Afrikaans translation are distributed free of charge or optional voluntary donation. These may be posted to you for a nominal postage charge. Thousands are distributed annually.

2. Books

IDM Publications, and other books, are continuously being distributed to individuals and organisations, on an on-going basis, on request. Most of these books are in English; some in Zulu; and one each in Burundi and Oshiwambo (Namibian) languages.

Current topical titles available, include:

1. “Muhammad (s) in the Bible” by Dr. Jamal Badawi 2. “Jesus & Christianity from an Islamic Perspective”
3. “Prohibition of Interest” by Dr. Umer Chapra
4. “Teachings of Islam (Zulu Translation)”
5. “Towards Understanding Islam” by Moulana Maududi (Zulu Translation)
6. “Islam for Africa” Africa for Islam” by Sheikh Ahmad Lemu
7. “Gender Equity in Islam” Basic Principals” by Dr. Jamal Badawi
8. “Islam & Contemporary Economic Challenges” by Prof. Khurshid Ahmad
9. “Africa’s Islamic Heritage” by Dr. Suleman Dangor

3. Leaflets

Thousands of leaflets of various titles on the different aspects of Islam are distributed throughout the country and the Southern African region, annually.

Thousands of leaflets of various topics are distributed at regular intervals to Medical Practitioners in the greater Durban area, on request, for placement in their waiting rooms. This service is available to any professional and business houses, free of charge, from anywhere in the country.

Current topical titles include:

1. Muhammad (s) in the Bible (English)
2. Muhammad (s) in the Bible (Zulu)
3. Islam at a Glance (English)
4. Islam at a Glance (Zulu)
5. Muhammad Ali (English)
6. Malcolm X (English)
7. The Life of the Greatest Revolutionary, Muhammad (s) (English)
8. Muhammad (s): The Greatest Leader in the World (Zulu)

4. Services, Calendars and Desk Pads
1. 5, 000 Desk Pads are printed and distributed, annually.
2. 5, 000 Tent Fold Calendars are printed and distributed, annually.
3. 5, 000 Hijri Calendars are printed and distributed, annually.
4. 4, 000 Ramadaan timetables are printed & distributed, annually.